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Village Outreach Programme

A health consultation and health education service operating in 20 villages around Mt Abu: Aarna-Hetamji, Achalgarh, Chandela (Telapurphali, Ambaveriphali, Bageri, Khadraphali), Jaidra, Jamburi, Jawaingaon, Kyaria-Takiya, Nichalagarh, Oriya, Salgaon, Shergaon-Utteraj, Siawa, Tuka, Uplagarh. Why is the project relevant? The service plugs a gap in the available health services. Most of these villages have no health centre […]

Nutritional Programme

About 2,644 students of government schools in 17 villages forming the Village Outreach Programme circle are served a milk-based snack and fruit daily during school hours. Why is this project relevant? Supplementing the nutritional intake of school-going children improves attendance rates, reduces drop-outs and drives school enrolments. Occasional health checks help monitor the health status […]