Diabetology is Dr Shrimant Sahu’s second innings at J Watumull Global Hospital & Research Centre (2008-2020). His first was anaesthesiology (1993-2008).

The Department of Diabetology is unique in the sense that it has a full team to offer holistic treatment to diabetes patients. This is what attracts diabetics from across the country and overseas.

Also, the team goes beyond diabetes management. It focuses on training diabetes patients and their family members to care for themselves (self-management skills), as diabetes is a lifelong and life-threatening ailment.

The focus is holistic and as such spans:

Meditation: Rajyoga meditation for a stress-free life

Diet: balanced and vegetarian

Exercise: Holistic exercise and walking yoga with devotional and motivational songs

Patient education and self-empowerment

Out-of-town patients are preferably admitted with their spouse to bring about transformation in the entire family because diabetes is a lifestyle disease.

The department can admit 8-10 per week hence hospital admission is strictly by booking. About 2500 patients have been treated successfully.

Dr Sahu also delivers talks on diabetes. He has conducted hundreds of public awareness events across the country spreading the word of his unique holistic approach to diabetes and trying to protect younger members of society from falling prey to this silent killer.