Physiotherapist Dr Ram Prasad has headed the Department of Physiotherapy since 1999, assisted by technician Kiran Banarse.

In 2018, physiotherapist Dr Hemalatha C joined the department, bringing 10 years of corporate experience.

The team offers the following physiotherapy and rehabilitation services:

  • Reduction of pain and oedema
  • Increase muscle strength endurance
  • Prevention of contractures
  • Early mobilisation and ambulation (post-op)
  • Increase range of motion
  • Improve lung function
  • Improve gait pattern and balance training
  • Improve transfer techniques
  • Functional independence

The department makes use of electrotherapy as well as exercise therapy.

Electrotherapy includes electronic traction, ultrasound therapy, short wave diathermy, interferential therapy, a transcutaneous electric nerve stimulator, neuromuscular electric stimulator, German bio waves, (Nemectrodyn + iontophoresis), infrared rays, wax therapy.

Exercise therapy covers shoulder wheel exerciser and pulleys, roxiator-supinator exerciser, finger spring exerciser, quadriceps table exerciser, static cycling exerciser, static jogger exerciser, parallel bar exerciser, the exercise by weight cuffs, thera band exerciser, antenatal and postnatal exercises, neurorehabilitation exercises, home exercise programme, education on posture and ergonomics.

Referred physiotherapy cases include patients with orthopaedic conditions; post-operative cardiopulmonary patients those with cardio-pulmonary conditions; cases with neurological conditions; post-op cases from neurosurgery, orthopaedics (including joint replacement), surgery and plastic surgery; cases referred from paediatrics, ENT and dentistry; patients with sports injuries; and patients with gynaecological or obstetrics conditions.