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Our Mission

To provide world class complete
healthcare services responsibly
and with a human touch at
affordable prices.


J Watumull Global Hospital
& Research Centre

Global Hospital stands out from other hospitals,
because it is committed to deliver healthcare to all, i
rrespective of the patient’s economic or social standing.
In 25 years, no patient has ever been turned away for want
of money to pay his or her bill.


At J Watumull Global Hospital & Research Centre, no patient has ever be turned away for want of money to pay for his/her services




  • Urology

    Dr Vaibhav Vishal, consultant urologist, uro oncologist and renal transplant surgeon, heads the Department of Urology. Dr Vishal offers surgery for kidney stones (PCNL, ureterorenoscopy); prostate-related problems (TURP); cancer of the kidney, bladder, prostate; and others. Dr Vishal uses modern equipment for his work including a laser surgery system for lithotripsy and flexible ureteroscopes.

  • Physiotherapy

    Physiotherapist Dr Ram Prasad has headed the Department of Physiotherapy since 1999, assisted by technician Kiran Banarse. In 2018, physiotherapist Dr Hemalatha C joined the department, bringing 10 years of corporate experience. The team offers the following physiotherapy and rehabilitation services: Reduction of pain and oedema Increase muscle strength endurance Prevention of contractures Early mobilisation […]

  • Pathology laboratory

    Pathologist and in charge of blood bank services Dr Sapna Bhandari heads the pathology laboratory. The pathology laboratory offers investigations across the key areas: Biochemistry Bacteriology Clinical pathology Haematology Serology. Biochemistry and haematology profiles are conducted on fully automated machines. The biochemistry section tests cardiac enzymes and offers key profiles: liver function tests, lipid function […]

  • Surgery

    Dr Jayanta Bhowmick, consultant general & laparoscopic surgeon leads and heads the Surgical Department. Senior clinical associate in the surgical department Dr Naba Jyoti Upadhyaya assists him. The Surgical Department handles a wide spectrum of cases including: Appendix Hernias of all types Gall bladder stone operations Small intestine operations Colon and rectum operations Surgery for […]

  • Radiology

    Radiologist Dr Ananda B heads the Department of Radiology and Imaging. Radiology services include: Ultrasonography on a high-resolution ultrasound machine Colour Doppler Digital radiography Orthopantomography (digital OPG) Mammography (CR based digital) CT scan (on a 128 slice multiple detectors computed tomography machine located at a sister hospital) Dental radiography Imaging-guided procedures Barium swallow / IVP […]

  • Plastic Surgery

  • Paediatrics

    Paediatrician Dr Pankaj Gupta runs the Department of Paediatrics, which offers consultations to children (newborns to 16-year-old adolescents). He offers routine checks, consultation for common illnesses,  and admits children needing 24×7 care. A neonatal ICU and a paediatric ICU are available for critically ill babies who require ventilator support, CPAP, high flow nasal oxygenation, warming, […]

  • Orthopaedics

    Dr Kailash Kadel, consultant orthopaedic surgeon, heads the Department of Orthopaedics. The specialities of the department include orthopaedic trauma, knee joint replacement surgery and the Ilizarov fixator technique.

  • ENT

    The Department of ENT is led by Dr Sharad Mehta, senior consultant ENT surgeon since 1995. During his long tenure, Dr Mehta has successfully accomplished a wide range of surgeries, primarily covering: Surgery for cancers of the head and neck Surgery for thyroid cancer (thyroidectomy) Superficial & total parotidectomy Modified and radical neck dissection separately […]

  • Medicine

    Physician and intensivist Dr Sachin Sukhsohale heads medicine. J Watumull Global Hospital & Research Centre is the primary point of treatment for patients suffering from a wide range of ailments needing the care of a physician such as seasonal fevers, cardiac ailments, hypertension, stroke, regular dialysis (with additional consultation of a visiting nephrologist), etc.

  • Ayurveda

    Ayurveda specialist Dr Prakash Dave leads our Ayurveda services. Ayurveda covers Panchkarma, the prescription of constitutional medicine and yoga asanas based on a reading of the pulse, and naturopathy.

  • Anaesthesia

  • Dentistry

    Our dental team comprises of experienced dental surgeons: Dr Niranjan Upadhyaya, Senior Dental Surgeon Dr Keyur Mevada, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon Dr Saurav Mistry, Orthodontist (visiting) Dr Laxmi Patil, Dental Surgeon Dr Divya Sharma, Registrar, Periodontia Dr E Archana, Dental Surgeon (long leave) Neelam Kwatra, Dental Hygienist   The Department of Dentistry offers routine dental […]

  • Dermatology

    Dr Kanak Shrivastava offers dermatology services since 2003. Her expertise includes diagnosing and providing treatment for various skin diseases such as vitiligo, tinea infections, scabies, pityriasis alba (white patches on the skin), acne, photodermatitis, allergies, dryness, urticaria, lichen planus, hyperkeratosis, viral infections of the skin, insect bites, eczema, etc. She offers the cauterisation of viral […]

  • Diabetology

    Diabetology services are on hold for the time being.

  • Neuropsychiatry

    Dr Nikhil Patel, senior consultant neuropsychiatrist has three decades of experience in neuropsychiatry. The Department of Neuropsychiatry offers a variety of investigative treatment procedures including biofeedback, behaviour therapy, interpersonal therapy, family therapy, etc. Most admitted patients are treated for neuropsychiatric illnesses, psychological (psychotic/neurotic) illnesses and/or addictions.

  • Magnet Therapy

    Magnet therapist Dr Ramesh Dharamthok leads the Department of Magnet Therapy. Magnet therapy is useful for disorders in functional nature and is worth trying in acute and chronic arthritis, asthma, backache, lumbar and cervical spondylosis, headache, body pain, rheumatism, sprains, stiffness, fracture, swelling, etc. The induction of a pulsed magnetic energy field in the body […]

  • Homoeopathy

    Dr Pushpa Mehta and Dr Yogesh Mehta founded the Department of Homoeopathy and continue to offer consultations once weekly. They are best known for their de-addiction remedies, an outcome of their decades of homoeopathy practice. The de-addiction remedies cover addictions to tobacco and alcohol.

  • Ophthalmology

    Dr Sudhir Singh, senior consultant ophthalmologist has been a part of the Ophthalmology Department since 1999 and has led it since 2010. Over two decades, he has performed more than 20,000 operations. Dr Singh’s key areas of work include: Topical Phaco with foldable IOL implantation Micro incision cataract surgery (1.8 mm Phaco) with foldable IOL […]

  • Gynaecology & obstetrics

    Dr Saurabhi Singh, consultant, obstetrics & gynaecology, heads the Department of Gynaecology & Obstetrics. She provides obstetrics services and antenatal services including the management of all types of high-risk pregnancies, all types of deliveries (normal, forceps and Caesarian) and infertility treatment. Gynaecological services include uterine surgeries, in which class Dr Singh specialises in vaginal hysterectomies […]